Sunday, August 30, 2015

A Better Day

I was not in nearly as much pain this morning as I was yesterday morning! Much less constipated and I think that the gas is working out; I'm feeling less bloated.
I had thought that most of the pain would be in my lower abdomen; and while I am tender there, mostly I feel the effects where they went in laparoscopically. Dr Margell did well; the small incisions are well done and my belly button is not horribly affected.

The large scar that crosses both pics is from my reconstruction. There are 5 laparoscopic incisions, including the belly button. not a major concern, but I would like to have my belly button pierced again since I am - hopefully - done with procedures requiring the piercing to be removed. My tongue piercing can be out for longer than my belly button without it growing over! I did the minimum again today; the puppies are so adorably understanding. They seem to have toned down their jumping up, though if they're not on their halters, they are still prone to pulling, which hurts.
I am just over 1cm from beginning my heel shaping.

I am loving this pattern so much; I picture more in my future. And yes, the soxyzz is very handy; I can recommend it unequivocally!!

The Mock Cape saw progress as well.

Clearly, despite still requiring g a proper afternoon rest, I am being more productive.

Helen dropped off necessary provisions (wine and cheese), then whisked me up the street to have coffee and a knit at Coffee Culture. Normally an easy walk, today, a necessary drive. We had a lovely time (my incessant texts notwithstanding and actually adding to our amusement). She got started on her own Greek/TARDIS themed Stitch Surfers. She did well under supervision - lol!!

The Dr Who marathon continues. I have been feeling a bit off still - mentally clouded - so I have watched most of the 2nd series twice. Not necessarily a bad thing, but out of character for me.
I just finished Love and Monsters. Probably the least Dr-centric episode ever, but I did enjoy the comic relief. Peter Kay is always a welcome appearance!! And Moaning Myrtle popped in as well.

To bed shortly; I am throwing as much rest at it as my body can take. Nought much can be done until I get my 6-week check up with my surgeon, but I want to be at the top of the curve for improvement!! I'm properly motivated.

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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Adapting. Kind of.

I am not a sit about and do nought kinda woman; I'm constantly in some kind of motion, even when I'm sitting, I'm knitting.
This post-op business has me well and truly knackered.
I slept well enough last night, Petey let me lay in until 9:30. Bad pain this morning. I think there's still gas needing working out, but my entire abdomen is just tender and delicate. Walking is ok in the shortest increments.
We got up, sorted out the puppies, coffee and did a bit more on the Stitch Surfer sock

, started the Sublime Mock Cape

, and then I was back in bed by 4:00 for a nice 3.5 hour nap. which is less of a nap really, and more of a proper nap repeat of the AM - feeding, walking puppies a couple hundred feet, (they are so good! I normally walk at a brisk, energizing pace and the puppies are trotting along. But now, they keep pace with my deliberately dawdling lack of speed without issue), making something to eat. very much focusing on protein intact to aid in physical recovery These 20-30 odd mins on my feet, perhaps especially at the end of the day, have me utterly done, pain not insignificant.
This is going to be a long, slow row to hoe. I am listening to my body, but it's frustrating.
Amanda's been helping out, but she's back to her life this afternoon. Chica was so happy to see her again, it did my heart good as well.
Helen is being amazing; I am grateful for such a friend.
And all of you - chatting me up on FB, texting, and calling; I'm in the best of hands.
Mostly I go to my bed to nap, but yesterday I just tipped over, the puppies found their places that don't hurt me,

and we dozed a bit. I am currently watching Dr Who (new series) which keeps me thinking.
Tomorrow is a new day; looking forward to it.

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Friday, August 28, 2015

Good Mail

So I saved up my Rowan 58 & the Fall IK and wow!!

First impressions - I could be very busy indeed!! The first 7 projects in the IK all appeal to me - it's a fantastic issue. I can't wait to go back (after a nap), read the patterns, knit in my head a bit, and read the articles.
As always, Rowan presents a lovely mix of patterns in a stunning format. One go-through is never enough.

I selected this Lima as my subscriber gift

and it will do the hat pictured and a pair of fingerless mitts. The picture is a bit dark, but it has a bit of lacy cabling I believe. I went with not blue, something s bit different to brighten up my fall accessories.

Earlier this week, I received these tools in the post.

They are for measuring feet/socks. Beautiful and functional. Megan from BurningImpressions2 even offered engraving at no cost!! Helen and I are just giddy, and I'll be making use of mine as the bending over to try on socks is uncomfortable at the mo.

Speaking of socks, I've been working away at the Stitch Surfers the last few days.

I'm very much enjoying the process and the result.

I had no cream this morning, so I set off to Tim's, (just one block away) at a slow mosey. That and a shower and I'm ready for a nap. I think I'm still feeling some effects from the anesthetic, but whatever, I'll be minding my body and taking it as easily as I need to. Though it's going to be a challenge - I'm not good at not doing much.

Helen went to the post office for me and what a lovely surprise!! Elise and I spoke last week, and she had mentioned that she was sending it, but this knitting belt is so much more brilliant in real life!!

Joan had found and gifted me with a traditional one years ago. I use them mostly for sock knitting; if I'm not wearing jeans, the knitting belt protects my t-shirt and my tummy!

There was also a surprise skein of Buffalo Skies DK; not sure what it will become, but I look forward to hearing what it whispers to me.

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Wednesday, August 26, 2015


So it's finally here - no more delays, Hysterectomy Day!

I saw Myrelle on Saturday and learned a couple more notes that involve some coordinated shifts in fingering, and some more advanced (but very basic) music. I still seem to be challenged by longer note shifts, but I'm not displeased with my progress. I'll have much to practice!!

I swatched for the next sweater for The Needle Emporium. I've neglected to take a picture, but you know I wouldn't lie, especially not to you! I love the fabric, and the stockinette stitch will be a nice recovery knit.

But then I go and cast on for the Stitch Surfer socks!!

LOL!! I have loved this pattern long time, I found the perfect Biscotte & Cie yarn on our recent yarn crawl, Helen gifted me with the perfect complementary MadTosh, so I'm learning a new technique!

I played my last mixed game on Sunday; winning was a nice last game!!

I'm going to miss playing, but I'll be so happy to play a full, pain-free season next year.

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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Lazy Day

I slept in until noon, though I did go to bed quite late/very early depending on how you judge time. I sorted out the puppies, then I had a coffee, slice of pie, made a few calls, up loaded the hundreds of pics on my phone to my laptop into all of the appropriate files. I may be disorganized in general, but my picture library is quite well organized. Though I do have to go through and re-title them from assigned photo numbers to real descriptors. Then I was exhausted, so I went back to bed for a nap.

On the subject of pie. I really enjoy the lemon cheesecake pie from Costco. But I think that it's time for them to drop the "cheesecake" from the title, or put some more cheesecake back into the pie.

Shameful, really.

I had a lovely nap, actually slept. When I woke up, I picked up these pieces from the floor of my bedroom and living room.
Needless to say, Petey was quite thoroughly scolded and put into a time out.

Fortunately, my favourite pair was in a hard case and are safe.

Between this incident and the yarn fiasco the other day, I'm sensing that he is acting out his jealousy over Chica getting the bed with my during my naps. He has never behaved like this before. I'm guessing since I'm home more, hence napping more, he is feeling more put out. I will be crating him for my naps going forward.

I have discovered the freedom and comfort in wearing mens shorts.

Seriously, I may never buy womens shorts again!! They hang perfectly off of my hips, one pair slightly lower than the other as I've lost some weightbut mostly with a long enough t-shirt I maintain a fair modesty. They are just so comfortable; I can bend and shift without worrying about splitting, and the pockets!!! Like women don't have stuff to carry; no wonder we need handbags!!

I went to town in my Iris socks last night.

I started on the heel shaping; I'm reinforcing this one to see how I like that. no wonder I was up late, too much fun on the needles!!
I finished watching Sons of Anarchy today. I had a lot of feelings about the last couple of seasons, but I was pleased with how they wrapped up the series. I would love to see a prequel (apparently I'm not the first to think of it!!), or a sequel set 10-15 years in the future.

I am recovering from my slothful start to the day. Curry on the stove - a request from Amanda. She'll have it next week whilst I'm in the hospital - and knitting picked up.

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