Thursday, November 26, 2015

Doodler clue 3 spoilers

Long busy days at Len's, then loving my sweet, patient puppies, flute practicing, and then power knitting. Sleep, and repeat.
It's crazy, but I find that I get more done when I have more to do!!

Petey pulled a Houdini early this morning sometime, (he hasn't done that in a long time!), and I woke up to this:

I know. He knew that I was quite displeased and that he had lost favour with me.
Fortunately HA Kidd has showed up to stock (I am in Gütermann heaven!!!) their stuff, and I have a pair of Unique needles to work with. I have forgiven him over the course of the day. He's lucky he didn't touch the yarn!!!

We have an opening date of December 14, and product is coming in hard & fast; I'll be nose to the grindstone until then. But I'm loving it - all the fibrey goodness I can stand. Not quite the quality of yarn that I choose to knit with in my own time, but it still gives me pleasure to manage it. And the fabric --- I just walk up and down aisles touching and looking sometimes.

I have finished clue 3 of The Doodler with only 3 wedges.

I should have liked to do 4, but don't have enough yarn and I didn't have another colour that really suited. Just as well, I'm all set for Clue 4. Which *didn't* come out on my way home tonight. Lol!!

A colleague from London is cooking gnocchi in my kitchen for the potlucky tomorrow. The hotel has a microwave, not conducive to proper cooking! She's been up in Barrie for the last month helping set up the fabric & upholstery sections, and will be staying to see her efforts through to fruition. I'm going to miss her!!

I'm going to spend the time waiting for the next clue knitting on a Secret Project that I've been neglecting for far too long!!

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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Doodling Along - clue 3 spoilers

I'll put the spoiler pics further down ...

I made sour cherry jam today!! I was so excited to get a couple of pails of frozen sour cherries at Zehrs last week that the kind produce manager let me have them at -50%!!

I love sour cherry jam - hand down my favourite!! I'll be making another batch, then freezing what's left of the bucket for pie filling as needed.

My fingers are getting used to the open holes on the Sonaré. It's a more precise fingering that is required, but I love the tone she emits when we hit it right.

Here's my Doodler shawl. Mrs Crosby Satchel Hummingbird (sorbet colours), Georgian Bay Fibre Co McCoy Sock in Meaford Spring Buds for the brilliant green, then Satchel again in Hollywood Cerise for the deep rich merlot.

I am loving the undulating edge, and it's being accentuated more and more as the wedges build out.

Ok ... a bit more Doodling then to bed. Much to get accomplished this week!!

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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Not dead

I have fallen off the blog, but I've been very busy. I've forgotten how very much work store set is. That being said, I'm enjoying it immensely!!

I'll gloss over the knitting tonight, I'll take better pics in the AM when the light is better. I have been knitting, truly.

I've also been playing flute. I still enjoy it, and have been looking for one of my own. Myrelle has been lending me the one she has for students, and has been helping me in my search.
I happened upon a couple likely candidates today, and with help from Myrelle, find myself the proud owner of a Powell Sonaré.

It's going to take some extra attention playing with open holes, but I preferred the sound and feel of this one over the Yamaha that I tried. I'm working on a name for her ... it will make itself known.

Are all amaryllises so top-heavy and inclined to tipping??

I have sorted out a support for it, but is that normal?

I'm off to my Doodling ;)

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Thursday, October 15, 2015


I cooked all of the things. My dad and my kids came. We had a wonderful time - food, stories, laughing.

I am back to work. It's like they say - plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose. Walmart is a constant in that it never changes despite how much changes.
I am enjoying being back briefly; making what difference I can. It's also affording me the opportunity to say goodbye to a lot of the people that have made my time there pleasant and worth everything.
I can't even describe how much better I feel. Having been in pain for so long, taking drugs for so long, I'd forgotten what a weight it is. How mentally and physically exhausting it is. It's gone. All of it. I feel so much lighter, carefree.

Not much knitting has been accomplished on any project I'm afraid.
I'm hoping to get to Woodstock this weekend; it's going to depend on what my Bee needs done to fix the grinding noise. I'm thinking bearings or suspension; not sure that I have a 'druther.

I did have a good mail day!!

My purchased bag (doggie one) and my prize from crafts-o-matic arrived!! Included were stitch markers from Hanks & Needles, a special stitch marker from Knit Cubby, a skein of yarn from Up In Yarns, and some sweets! Everything was packaged up with care and love - thanks Kate!!!

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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Mittens, Take Two

A busy week, but I finally remembered to make the time to stop at True North Yarn Co to pick out yarn for my cousins mittens.

Without further ado, I cast on for them after dinner tonight. I'm feeling much more optimistic about these ones!!

I have also made fine progress on my 2nd Stitch Surfers. Just finished the heel shaping.

Tomorrow a new clue comes out on the Vanessa Ives MKAL - can't wait to see what's next!!

Busy, busy, busy!!

Its Thanksgiving weekend this weekend; I have my son and his girlfriend coming, as well as my dad and his lady friend. I will be cooking all of the things!!

I'm back to work 1/2 days next week. It will be bittersweet. Almost 6 years; I've made a lot of friends and while I am excited about my new opportunity, there are a lot of people that I will miss at The Mighty Mart of Wal!!
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