Sunday, March 29, 2015


Yesterday I went to pick up Amanda for a visit and it was also errand day.
We had cheesy bread from Domino's; our addiction.

We saw a Doberman (?) puppy with his ears being trained.

We couldn't decide if it was cruel, but the dog didn't seem bothered and the pointy, stand-up ears are a halal of the breed.
Then Costco. please feel free to remind me randomly of the folly, nay, insanity, of going to Costco on a Saturday. Although it was totally worth it for the rotisserie chickens! I also picked up an OPI mini pack.

Have I mentioned how much I love OPI?? ;)
I don't know what seasoning they use or how they do it, but their rotisserie chickens are the most flavorful and moist I have ever had.
And after the debacle of the Alfredo sauce the other night, I had to have a 2nd go at it. with real, freshly grated Parmesan I was still not 100% pleased - didn't thicken up right and still too salty for my taste - but Amanda declared, "... I'd eat it with a spoon!", so, success.
I used the sauce to bake manicotti with the Costco chicken and that was a unanimous two thumbs up from both of us!

Then Amanda set to building a cabinet.

I had plans for rearranging the living room, she had ideas and after some frustrations with the construction of the HomeTrends cabinet (calling customer service tomorrow!!), she went right to town. I don't have before pics, but here is what I came out to this morning!!

She suffers from insomnia, but made excellent use of it last night!! So fine tuning to go, but I was so impressed! This child can do anything that she sets her mind to! <3

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Friday, March 27, 2015

And the Knit Goes On

I awoke way early with a creeping migraine. Zomig and a good lie in sorted that out but put me off to a slow start in my day.

Did some errands, the puppies both have harnesses now for walking. It immediately improved their propensity for pulling. Chica is less find of it, but she'll adapt. I hope.

My knitting accompaniment has been George Gently. I think that much of the appeal of British shows for me is in the countryside. The moors and the seasides (of Northern England in this instance) make me ache to go.
One day, but for now I am content to knit to the views from my sofa.

The great thing about a Shaping Plan is that you can see how far you've come.

Chica is still dogging me with her ball. oh yes, pun intended And who could resist this wee face?

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Thursday, March 26, 2015

More of the Same

Flanking a cable motif is stockinette - more simple pleasure.

I watched Bloodline today as I knit. I thoroughly enjoyed it, as I have all of the Netflix original series. Totally worth the price of admission.

I've had a craving for burgers this week. Sunday night found me at Crabby Joe's, nice to have a local that I can walk to and from, but tonight I went to No Frills for provisions.

Mmmmmm!!! Petey thought that I was is some sort of pain given the moaning of pleasure that was coming from my full mouth.

Petey seems more himself today, less mopeyness.

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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Simple Pleasure

I love knitting, you all know that. It's not all about having a finished something, though I couldn't just swatch forever.
I love the yarn, the way each different one winds its own magic through my fingers. Thick, thin, slubby, silky, natural.
The colours, even if they aren't the ones that I would choose for myself. Muted, bright, rich, tweedy, variegated.
When a swatch is blocking, I love the smell of wet wool. I love knowing that this square will be The Key. That even though math was never my best or favourite subject, that the numbers that swatch holds will never lead me astray.
I really love the way one stitch joins with the one beside it and below it, creating a fabric with its own magic.
And I will always enjoy the simple pleasures of basic stitches - garter, stockinette, and ribbing.

Ahhhhh, I can't help it.

Here is the simple thing I've done so far today.

And then I did the Shaping Plan.

Keeps me on the straight and narrow ;)

Petey has been mopey today. Not poorly, but just going and laying in the small crate rather than laying at my feet. He's 11 months old, maybe he's a moody teenager??
Chica has been obsessed with her ball. She will play with it all day. And by "she will", I mean that as long as I toss it, she'll bring it back. And it's not like I have a lot of choice. She brings it and if I'm not fast enough for her, she'll nose it, then look up at me.

This'll happen a few times then there will be the yipping. I think that she may die of neglect and boredom when I go back to work!!

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A Tale of Four Swatches

The Naushon wrap is done.

The colourway was very popular at work and I thoroughly enjoyed working with the yarn. My row tension is tight no matter what so I had to do a few extra repeats to get the length, but I had enough yarn.

What better way to spend my vacation than a deadline!!
It has been a challenge getting gauge.

As you all know, I am a tight knitter, makes for better stitch definition, that's what I tell myself but a needle change and sorted. I actually had to go down 2 needles sizes to get this one!! I had a hankering for a burger the other night but wasn't minded to make one, so it was off to my local. my beverage of choice had nought to do with my loose knitting ways ;)
But they say that the exception proves the rule, and it's full speed ahead now.

Speaking of cooking, I *did* feel like chicken Alfredo last night. I generally but Classico but decided to do it from scratch.
Apparently when Ree says "freshly grated parm", pre-shaved parm is not an adequate substitute in this application. It was WAY salty and didn't melt and blend completely. Decidedly *not* photo worthy. O_o
But lesson learned; I will be trying again.

Yesterday was National Dog Day. Every day around here is Dog Day - LOL - but the puppies were as adorable as ever.

They love peanut butter in their little Kongs, and watching them work so hard to get the last bit of flavour out is amusing.

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