Friday, March 28, 2014

New Project

So Julie sent me yarn to knit Vodka Lemonade.

I thought that it was Malabrigo, but I stand corrected.
Julie told me today that it is Super Secret Yarn. This is the DK weight and it is a wool/silk blend.

It is knitting up very nicely so far!

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Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Everything is progressing.

Amanda is back home!! I don't know how, but I forgot the drama that my teenage girl carries but it's all worth it to know that she is safe and cared for. She'll adjust to my house rules and I'll get used to her ways of doing things. I'm just glad that she's back <3 about="" all="" am="" br="" but="" creative="" do="" get="" had="" have="" her="" i="" if="" in="" not="" nothing="" of="" room="" that="" the="" to="" what="" with="" yarn="">

I have started physio and it's making a difference already! I am still knitting - secret projects and challenging deadlines - and I can knit for longer and I'm sleeping way better! I said to Lee the other day that it was nice to sleep through a night w/o the pain caused by pulling a duvet over my shoulders waking me up. Of course, I still have all sorts else that plague my sleep, but one less is an achievement. Lee is off Home for a couple of weeks so I will be knitting up a storm!!

I have also scheduled an endometrial ablation for May 20th. The doctor has allowed that I am at an "ideal age" for the procedure to bring about the desired results. A cessation of my monthly cycle and the resulting crippling pain. It's been about a year and a half that I've been on T3's and Percs for about two weeks out of the month - not a good long  term solution. After everything else, this will be a relatively simple procedure.

And then it will be softball season!!! I can't wait!!!

Just a wordy post covering the basics. I will (once again ... I know ...) try to be more diligent with posts and pics (even if they have to be useless).

Thursday, January 16, 2014

100 Happy Days

So I have been participating in 100 Happy Days challenge.

I have missed a few days, not necessarily because I couldn't find joy in anything that day but the day just got away on me.

Yesterday I met up with Myrelle and picked up these:

Myrelle had commented on my last blog post that she had stones that she no longer used and would I be interested. Would I?!? I am so thrilled - this kind of happiness will stay with me and make me smile every time that I use them.  And while some of them are doubles that perfect because I have brought some to Lees. For all that the man cooks a lot, it's pretty much all stove-top, he doesn't bake so has no tools for it. Now he does; or rather I do.

Today when I arrived at Lees I saw this:

Lego Central!! I'm not sure who enjoys the Lego more - Lee or Jake! Jake loves playing with it though, not just building it; he'll spend hours playing with it.

So, this is days 7 & 8. What makes you happy?

Wednesday, January 8, 2014


I love Pampered Chef - especially their stoneware. I even sold the stuff for awhile.
One of the very first stones that I bought was the bar pan. I loved that stone - I used it for everything and made sure that it was cleaned properly (never with soap).

Somehow a stovetop element was left on while Lee & I were make Christmas dinner and I put the stone on top of it. All we heard was a very loud "CRACK" and that was all she wrote. Fortunately I have a very chill attitude and it just snapped in half and didn't make a giant shard-disaster that needed to be cleaned up.

Check out how deep the seasoning went on my stone!! And that colour - perfection!!!

So now I'm going to have to buy another one and start from scratch. Another beginning. Anyone I know sell PC?

PS - dinner was a massive success!!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Bilateral Epicondylitis

No, it isn't any more fun than it sounds. Bilateral epicondylitis

I am just too good at being a cashier. Pushing through over 1000 (and upwards of 1200) items per hour on a full time bias will take it's toll.
It's been creeping up for about the last year but I put on the arm bands and started taking Aleve. When those stopped being effective my Dr. prescribed Vimovo and I finally had to be written off of the belts and relegated to the Express lanes. Unfortunately I still put through the same # of items and it was such a busy time of year that it was of no consequential relief. About a month ago my doctor put me on lighter duties and it became a whole WSIB Thing.
I miss being a cashier. Not that I don't have the skills to be on the sales floor or that it isn't a nice change but I really love the Front End.
Unfortunately 3 weeks of zoning (picking up and putting away) didn't help. It was less than being on cash but still too much. I have now been put on the lightest and most menial of duties - scanning outs, changing labels and only the merest of zoning. Still important but I have a very hard time not doing the most that I can the fastest that I can. I am getting better at it though.
I've been doing the exercises and will have to start actual physio for the ultrasound and other adjuvant therapies. I ice it constantly - I even take an ice pack to work.
I go back to the Dr. in a week and since I am still not feeling any appreciable improvements I will be referred to a sports specialist and will most likely have to do the Cortisone shots.

My knitting output has decreased over the last year, but fortunately the way that I support my knitting and the way that I just flick the yarn keeps my knitting from being a stressing factor but the pain in general is what puts me off. I took a week off of knitting and my elbows (though it's mainly my right one) weren't helped; I even had worse days if I did too much (like using a can opener) :-\

I know - I'm a physical disaster!!! And of course I fall into the 10-20% that have bilateral symptoms.

But I'm a Survivor and I can totally deal with this. I need to - baseball season is coming!!!

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